Here is a Great Offer for Beginner Soap Makers!

This eBook is called Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes Using Essential Oils with over a dozen ideas in one book! These soap bars are easy to make and perfect for an upcoming Mother's Day or End Of the Year Teacher gift! Plus, you get free soap labels in your eBook that you can print, cut, and wrap around your bars of soap for a professional finish!

Whether you are new to making your own soap, or have already experimented, you will realize just how fun it is to make a variety of different soaps. That's why I'm offering you 11 full recipes that you'll have right at your fingertips!

Best part is, you can get this Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes Using Essential Oils eBook for 52% off!

What You Get In This eBook:

*Materials list for what you need to make melt and pour soaps at home.

*11 different recipes that will show you how to make 12 bars of soap in just one hour.  

* Soap labels for 11 recipes that you can use for gift giving.

*Beautiful images that walk you step by step through the entire process.

* Inspiration and basic skills to create your own custom variety of melt and pour soap. 

*The know-how to make the perfect homemade gift that will truly impress your friends.  

*Peace of mind knowing you are using all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals like lye!

*A new way to use the essential oils you may already have at home.

I'm offering you this eBook at a $12 savings you pay just $13!


The first time I made melt and pour soap, I did not believe the claim that you could make 12 bars in less than one hour! When I got my soap base, soap colors, and essential oils, I was completely amazed at how easy they were to make. I truly became addicted to my new hobby and started experimenting more! I'm sharing this with you, because I bet you will want to create more varieties yourself!

Here is a sampling of what your final soaps will look like!

I have given away countless numbers of homemade soap bars as gifts over the past few years. The responses have been nothing but postive and frankly, the recipients are impressed that I made them myself! (Little do they know just how easy melt and pour soap recipes can be!) You too will get the same compliments when you share these with friends! 

You can download and print your eBook right away!

The scent combinations of melt and pour soaps are endless, and with reusable materials such as the silicone soap molds, and long lasting essential oils, it makes it a cost effective gift idea. You will love having this guide at your fingertips and help you be a gift giving super star!